Take part in the CANADA SPOTLIGHT at CIRCULART 2020

SEPT 22, 2020

Join the Canada Spotlight initiative at Circulart 2020!

We are looking for artists and music professionals to participate in the first Canada Spotlight initiative, set to take place virtually from November 12-15, 2020. This initiative is led by the not-for-profit arts organization Trade Routes in partnership with Mundial Montreal and Circulart. We are seeking submissions from Canadian artists, agencies, presenters, programmers and promoters to showcase and participate in the virtual delegation attending the 11th edition of Circulart.


Canada Spotlight is an initiative that aims to give Canadian Artists and industry professionals a pathway to international touring and business development. We are seeking applications from artists in all music genres who are export-ready and based in Canada. We are also looking for Canadian agents who represent export-ready artists as well as Canadian promoters, programmers and presenters to participate in the business roundtable meetings with international industry professionals. Successful candidates will demonstrate international experience and special interest in and suitability for the Latin American music markets or experience in the market segment of Latin American music in Canada (e.g. by demonstrating established international recording, touring or publishing activity, booking of Latin American artists in Canada, etc.).

This initiative includes:

  • Participation in the Circulart PRO activities, including organized B2B meetings with talent buyers and sellers focusing on Colombian and Latin American music and other networking events targeting key professionals in the region
  • Access for 8 months to the conference virtual networking platform Circulart Conecta
  • Official showcasing opportunities for Canadian artists
  • Access to and participation in panel discussions and keynote lectures focusing on the Latin American music ecosystems
  • Access to official showcases
  • Opportunity to be featured in the conference’s virtual catalogue of the Latin American market
  • “Canada Spotlight at Circulart 2020” promotion

We are currently looking for 10-15 delegates to register for this initiative (3-5 artists and 7-10 agents, promoters, presenters, programers). This opportunity is best suited for artists and music professionals looking to further develop existing business relationships with their Colombian and Latin American counterparts. However, applicants looking to create new relationships will be also considered. Selected representatives for the virtual business meetings must be able to actively negotiate and secure deals on behalf of their roster or the organization they represent.


Circulart is the number one music meeting for Latin America showcasing the dynamic and fast-growing LATAM music sector. In the previous edition the conference hosted over 1000 registered delegates and 36 showcases featuring artists from 16 countries including Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Haiti, Panama Venezuela (and Canada!). Last year, Circulart’s heavy focus on rotating speed meetings enabled 2620 meetings between 125 artists and 115 music programmers and other professionals from 21 countries. The conference and workshops give informative, entertaining, and innovating exchanges between professionals in LATAM.


 Trade Routes is a not for profit group of arts experts with a passion for connecting artists and events around the world. We aim to provide a framework that enables borderless collaboration in event and audience development. We execute audience development strategies so that we may present culturally diverse artists in Canada, the US and around the world.


Mundial Montreal Annual meeting of professionals in the world music industry. Mundial Montreal is a real springboard for national and international careers of selected artists. By presenting quality programming and targeted networking activities since 2011, Mundial has established itself as the only market-festival 100% dedicated to world music in North America. Its success is based in particular on a finely thought-out format, a widely developed network of presenters and particular attention paid to participants and spinoffs.


What is Canada Spotlight?
Canada Spotlight is a showcase series premiering at Circulart’s digital conference this fall. Canada Spotlight was created as an opportunity to introduce Canadian artists to new markets, offer global exposure and networking opportunities in the music industry. Selected participants will have a live performance video produced by Canada Spotlight, which will be presented to music industry delegates from around the world via Circulart from November 12-15.
Who can apply to the Canada Spotlight showcase?

Applications are open to all Canada-based agencies, and artists who are export ready.

Artists must have at least one sound recording commercially available in Canada within 12 months of the export showcase and have public and industry recognition (via radio play, video play, web hits and streams, music press, blogs, awards, etc.).

Artists must be available October 1 – 15 to film their performance and have at least one business representative available to participate in the business meetings. Artists can choose to to represent themselves in the business meetings.

There are no fees to apply or participate in Canada Spotlight.

How do I apply?

The deadline to apply for artists and industry professionals is Tuesday, September 22, 2020. You can submit your application here.

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