Presenting Networks

Supporting the Music Presenting Sector

Presenting Network Initiative

Our Presenting Network stands to facilitate collaboration and coordination between presenters, communities, and artists to reduce risk and various barriers within the music scene. Our vision is to provide a strong support system to enable cooperation in music.


  • To reduce financial risk to live music presenters.
  • To enable sustainable business income for the live music sector.
  • To support cooperation within the live music sector.
  • To enable information sharing between presenters in Canada and the United States.
  • To support cross border cooperation between Canada, the United States, and the international marketplace.
  • To present more culturally diverse artists to audiences and areas that lack access.

How does it work

Trade Routes hosts regular “affinity” group meetings virtually, in-person, and at various conferences and events year round. During these meetings presenters share their programming wants, needs, best practices, and upcoming confirmed performance dates to enable real cooperation with actionable outcomes to ensure financially successful events for all presenters.


  • Leading up to each meeting presenters submit and sponsor artists from their own program to share with other presenters for consideration in their upcoming events.
  • These affinity meetings enable open dialogue on programming between like minded presenters and programming habits..
  • During each meeting and throughout the year presenters are able to vote, comment, and collaborate with other presenters.

The database

  • We maintain an up-to-date digital database of UNRELEASED upcoming, confirmed, tentative, and speculative concert dates from all the presenters who join the network.
  • The database includes all artist info, links, tech riders, and fee range, and is accessible to all presenters in the network.
  • A robust search features help members identify types of concerts and artists using filters for style, genre, performance date, and geographical regions.


  • Block booking opportunities between presenters.
  • Cooperative marketing initiatives and joint regional advertising for the events.
  • Large and small venues can work together on select concerts and initiatives.
  • Artists are able to build economically viable tour routes.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are sub-categories to define shared values and interests of presenters to promote better collaboration.



This affinity group is for presenters who work with Alternative and Indie genres.



This affinity group is for presenters who work with folk music.


Cross Border

This affinity group is for presenters who want to collaborate over borders.

Next meetings TBD!


World Music

This affinity group is for presenters who work with the genre of World Music.

Next meetings TBD!

Artist Submission

Click here to submit an artist into the general pool for consideration and sponsorship by a presenter in the group.

Presenter Sign Up

To register for the presenter network, please email and include your affinity group(s) of choice.


What is the purpose of this network?

The purpose of this network is to enable cooperation between presenters, to reduce financial risk, and ensure successful concerts and events to support and establish stronger touring routes.

Who does this network serve?

This network serves music presenters, venues, theatres, clubs, promoters and festivals interested in presenting music from around the globe.

Why does this network exist?

The Presenting Network exists to develop and support robust and financially successful music touring. The network helps music presenters stage more financially successful music concerts and helps audiences access more diverse and exciting music artists.

What are the activities and events of the network?

he network activities consist of regular meetings, held virtually during COVID-19 and in person when possible, to discuss and review the music tours that are developing.

What are the costs for a presenter to participate in the network meetings?

Right now, there is no cost for presenters to participate.

Who can join the Presenting Network?

Presenters, venues, theatres, clubs, and festivals can join the network and participate in meetings, vote, and sponsor artists.

How is the Presenting Network different from other presenter meeting and block booking networks?

The Presenting Network is different from other networks by including and supporting cooperation between presenters. We only require participants to be an active and established professional music presenter with ongoing activities. The network is open to all types of presenters working with live music events. Participation is not limited to one region, country, time frame, or event style.

What are the primary goals of this network?

The primary goal of this network is to reduce the risk for presenters and ensure successful concerts and events while working to develop and establish stronger borderless touring routes.